Rick Michaelson and Karen Karlsson

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that long-time AHC board member Rick Michaelson is the winner of the 2018 George McMath Historic Preservation Award presented by the University of Oregon College of Design/School of Architecture and Environment 시퀀서 프로그램 다운로드. The AHC prepared the nomination, in collaboration with Restore Oregon. You can read the university’s announcement here 올림픽 종목 다운로드.

Preservation developer Rick is a consummate exemplar of leadership in historic preservation in Oregon, the reason for which McMath Award is given each year 테라리아 apk 다운로드. For more than 40 years, Rick’s actions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors have been foundational in keeping older buildings functioning as part of the area economy and community streetscapes 몬테소리 다운로드. Although most recently taking on the relocation and preservation of the Morris Marks House, over time he has rehabilitated more than 17 properties in Portland’s Northwest District alone, and has taken on mammoth projects such as redevelopment of the Bull Run Powerhouse 다크소울 3 다운로드. Many more heritage projects bear the hallmark of his excellent and generous advice, as do countless planning, visioning, and advocacy efforts. In addition to service as an AHC board president and treasurer, Rick has been a board member of Restore Oregon, and an advisor to the National Trust since 1998 파워 포인트 개체 다운로드.

Without seeking publicity for himself, Rick has been a vital, effective preservation activist and professional in our region since 1975. Honoring his inspirational accomplishments with the McMath Award is a fitting way to recognize and highlight the highest caliber of preservation work in the construction and policy arenas in Oregon represented by his career webfolder.