President Fred Leeson will be testifying about the Architectural Heritage Center’s support of the Demolition Tax being considered at the Portland City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 25, at 9:45 AM phpmyadmin 엑셀 다운로드. We have also submitted written testimony, which is found below.

Dear Mayor Hales and Council Members:

The Architectural Heritage Center (AHC) wishes to thank Mayor Hales for bringing back to Council the issue of a proposed $25,000 tax to tip the balance in favor of rehabilitation over demolition of single family homes in single family zones 네이버 카페 첨부파일 다운로드.

We strongly support the demolition tax proposal with the amendment that removes the density rebate for additional houses in single family zones Part 1 of Cheese in the Trap.

In addition we support additional amendments that would:

1) make the money raised by the demolition tax available for rehabilitation and affordable home ownership;

2) levy the $25,000 tax on a per-tax-lot basis; and

3) review the program for impact after one year 갤럭시 s8 유심 다운로드.

Clearly, strategies and programs beyond this demolition tax will be needed to protect the character of Portland’s neighborhoods and to provide an adequate supply of affordable housing 어도비 포토샵 2018 다운로드. Conservation of existing buildings is one of the best strategies to address affordable housing and livability.

The AHC seeks to preserve the historic character and livability of Portland’s built environment and promote sustainability through the re-use of period homes and buildings Spring hometown. As you consider the impacts of the continuing demolition epidemic, we offer our expertise to help arrive at reasonable approaches and solutions.


Cathy Galbraith

Executive Director


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