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The Architectural Heritage Center mounts rotating gallery exhibits drawn from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation’s renowned collection of architectural artifacts, one of the largest in the United States.


Old-Growth Architecture: The Art, Craft, and Function of Wood

Opened - Friday, March 7th, 2014


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 Versatile Wood Products

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Miller Paint Co.

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 Full Circa Inc.


Historically, abundant forested lands in the Pacific Northwest provided the raw material for construction in Portland and beyond. However, wood was not just for structural use. The development of local sawmills and woodworking machines coincided with the High Victorian Era interest in rich decoration.

Using artifacts and library materials from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation Collection, this exhibit explores the use of wood in our region’s architecture, from pioneer days through the 1960s. You’ll learn how important and prevalent wood was both economically and as a source of shelter. You’ll also find that wood was once used for just about everything from plumbing fixtures to siding, and quite literally, everything in-between!




Designs from the Hidden Kingdom: 

"Japanesque" Hardware and American Buildings

On Exhibit through June 2014


Liz’s Antique Hardware Gallery


Sponsored by: House of Antique Hardware

Special Thanks to: Allen Joslyn and Maude Eastwood


America’s 1876 Centennial Exposition introduced the mysterious and previously closed world of Japanese design, with the ingredients of its “new style” on display at the Japanese Pavilion. It took the U.S. by storm and resulted in an explosion of all-things Anglo-Japanese. Classic Japanese motifs of cherry blossoms, cranes, butterflies, and more appeared everywhere; by the 1880s, the rapidly developing hardware manufacturing industry launched its always-visionary design creativity to join in the new “craze” that would last for 20+ years.

In this exhibit, we are honored to include (through loan) some of the magnificent Japanesque hardware collection of Allen Joslyn (ADCA – Antique Doorknob Collectors of America – officer and writer), who is a long-time AHC member/supporter. BMF hardware is also on display, as well as related hardware loaned by our own “hardware-expert-in-residence” Maude Eastwood.