This popular home tour happens each spring. Next year’s tour is planned for April 11, 2020.

Photos by Nina Johnson.

Since 1999, the AHC has offered an annual home tour aimed at helping homeowners, landlords, and old house lovers in general the opportunity to see inside some amazing homes and get creative renovation tips. After 20 years, the AHC’s Old House Revival Tour continues to provide resources and inspiration for preserving original building materials, restoring spaces lost to previous remodels, and creating new spaces that are sensitive to the architecture of the home.

With the ongoing struggle over old house demolitions,  this program shows that older homes can be adapted to a 21st-century lifestyle while remaining true to original architectural style and historic character. The residences on this self-guided tour represent many of the most common eras and architectural styles in the Portland area.

If you are considering taking on a home renovation project yourself, homeowners and contractors will be on hand to provide you with tips on everything from retaining original material to integrating modern appliances.