Mission & Goals

Architectural Heritage Center

The Architectural Heritage Center’s mission is to “inspire people to conserve the art, craft, and context of historic buildings and places to promote our cultural heritage as a vital element of livable, sustainable, communities.” We seek to preserve the historic character and livability of our built environment, and to promote sustainability through the re-use of period homes and buildings.

Owned and operated by the non-profit Bosco-Milligan Foundation, we empower people in the Portland region to preserve both landmark buildings and the regular “vernacular” vintage homes and storefronts that collectively define our neighborhoods, traditional downtowns, culture, history, and quality of life.

Photo by Brian Johnson.

Serve as a catalyst in the region…

  • Call attention to threatened historic buildings
  • Help inform the discussion of their preservation and re-use.
  • Build coalitions for creative problem-solving that balance needs of property owners, neighborhoods, developers, and government.

AHC Programs strive to be:

  • Relevant
  • Authentic
  • Pro-active
  • Constructive
  • Practical
  • Inclusive
  • Inspirational
  • Resource-full

Preservation does not mean being frozen in time. New isn’t inherently “bad,” nor is old inherently “good.” But we believe a vintage building shouldn’t be demolished without careful consideration of its architectural, environmental, and cultural value, or without exploring possibilities for re-use. We also believe that in-fill construction should be compatible with the character, style, and scale of traditional neighborhoods.

Our Goals

Appreciate – Restore – Maintain

Raise awareness of historic preservation and inspire participation…

  • Demonstrate its relevance in our communities.
  • De-mystify preservation methods and language.

Showcase the economic, cultural, and environmental benefits of preservation…

  • Promote adaptive re-use of vintage buildings.
  • The “ultimate recycling,” it supports sustainability.

Provide a resource center of practical information…

  • Facilitate connections with expertise and resources.
  • Share actionable information and technical assistance to neighborhood associations and other groups.