In case you’re unaware, the historic Portland Custom House in NW Portland is up for auction once again. Most recently the building has been used as a police station in the TV series Grimm. With three days left in the online auction, the latest bid is $1,720,000.  Let’s hope that we finally see this wonderful landmark put to a more permanent re-use.

Also in NW Portland, plans are well under way for a major redevelopment at the Con-Way site. It sounds like they are still ironing out some of the details, but perhaps new development on the site will take some pressure off of other parts of Northwest Portland, where infill and redevelopment projects continue to impact historic neighborhood fabric.

On that note, a couple of projects will soon change a bit of NW Flanders. On one side of the street (2125 NW Flanders) plans are moving forward to lift a house up and install a driveway and a tuck under garage. Meanwhile, across the street a house is likely to soon be replaced with a small apartment complex. This project has been on the table for some time and the current proposal is much more compatible with neighborhood scale. Too bad however that the existing home will likely be demolished.

Perhaps they could move the existing house to the aforementioned Con-Way site?