Historic Preservation buried in latest Portland Plan draft objectives

It's good that Historic Preservation "made the cut" and is included in the latest draft objectives for the Portland Plan. However, the subject is buried rather deep within the nine so-called "Action Areas" of the plan. It is clear that if preservation is going to gain any teeth, we'll need to draw more attention to [...]

Historic Preservation buried in latest Portland Plan draft objectives2020-09-11T15:42:34-07:00

Something afoot at the Sinnott House

The owner of the wonderful Sinnott House at 105 NW 3rd has recently requested to "remove and store for re-installation" the building's decorative wood and metal cornice. If this link is any indication, it may be that the circa 1883 cast-iron building is about to undergo a much larger rehab. We certainly hope that is [...]

Something afoot at the Sinnott House2020-09-11T15:42:35-07:00

Celebrate Preservation Month at the AHC!

May is Preservation Month and the Architectural Heritage Center is offering several education programs: This Saturday, May 1st - Invisible Additions: Increasing Space, Minimizing Impacts. Come learn how you can add space to your vintage home while retaining its original character. An architect, a contractor, a house lifter, and a City inspector will be on [...]

Celebrate Preservation Month at the AHC!2020-09-11T15:42:35-07:00

Preservation and Sustainability: Could the Concept of Using What We Have Be Gaining Traction?

This Oregonian editorial draws attention once again to the connections between sustainability and historic preservation: "Use what we have". In recent months Metro has begun talking about this concept, albeit more broadly. Last September, Metro COO Michael Jordan announced his Strategies for a Sustainable and Prosperous Region. We can only hope that these actions lead to positive results in [...]

Preservation and Sustainability: Could the Concept of Using What We Have Be Gaining Traction?2016-03-25T21:15:09-07:00

Portland’s Historic Resources Inventory

When conducted in the early 1980s, Portland's Historic Resources Inventory primarily looked at buildings that were at least 50 years old at that time. Parts of the city were also missed or only partially examined. In addition,  Portland has annexed new areas into the City since the time the inventory was conducted. The net result [...]

Portland’s Historic Resources Inventory2016-03-25T21:15:09-07:00

Update: Portland Firefighters Memorial

Someone recently started an online petition to encourage the preservation of the memorial. You can find out more here. One of the best ways to protect the memorial from dismantling, is to have it listed in the National Register of Historic places. It takes a bit of work to get this done, but because the [...]

Update: Portland Firefighters Memorial2016-03-25T21:15:09-07:00

A Question of Character

Last night, the Portland City-Wide Land Use Group, a group predominately made up of land-use representatives from Portland's 95 neighborhood associations, met to discuss the issue of Neighborhood Character and how it might be better defined in the Portland Plan. This is certainly a great issue to have on the table and it is our [...]

A Question of Character2020-09-11T15:42:36-07:00

Welcome to Portland Preservation!

With this inaugural post, the Bosco-Milligan Foundation / Architectural Heritage Center has significantly expanded our historic preservation technical assistance and advocacy work. Thanks to a matching grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we have created this blog to keep people better informed and to expand participation in historic preservation issues and [...]

Welcome to Portland Preservation!2020-09-11T15:42:37-07:00
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