Perhaps the most important stained glass window producers the Pacific Northwest has ever known, the Povey Brothers Glass Company may soon receive some much deserved recognition.

The owner of the Povey Glass Co. Building at 408 NW 5th is proposing to place two bronze plaques on the former factory/warehouse to commemorate the Povey’s and their magnificent work. Since the building is a primary contributing structure within the New Chinatown/Japantown Historic District, the proposal must be approved by the Portland Landmarks Commission.

The Povey Brothers were the artisans behind the stained glass in several downtown churches, including The Old Church, the First Congregational and the First Christian Church. Their work also includes the Deepwood Estate in Salem. They even designed the stained glass skylight in Portland’s oldest restaurant, Huber’s.

Povey stained glass was also an inspiration to the founders of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation, Ben Milligan and Jerry Bosco, who operated two stained glass businesses of their own, Genesis Glass and then West’s Block Glass in the 1970s-80s. Unfortunately, numerous Portland buildings that once held Povey Glass windows have been demolished. Today the Bosco-Milligan Foundation holds several Povey windows in its building artifact collection.

It’s great to see them receive more acknowledgment for their contribution to Portland’s (and the region’s) built environment.

Povey stained glass from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation Collection