As we recently reported, it seems that building demolitions in Portland are continuing unabated, or at least the continued threat of demolition is still out there. The Markham House in Laurelhurst is still in danger of being demolished, even though we’ve heard that the new owner has offered to sell the house to someone interested in fixing the house up – so long as he can serve as the general contractor. The petition to save the house is still gaining signatures, but it remains to be seen if the new owner will listen to the concerns of what is now nearly 2,000 people.

Demolition in Portland continues to run rampant and unabated. This morning a wrecking crew began to knock down the former Jarra’s Ethiopian Restaurant on SE Hawthorne. The photo should give everyone pause, as it shows just how haphazardly these demolitions occur. While it is understandable that not every building can be saved, there is little sustainable about smashing and mashing up the old growth framing and trim in a 100+ year old building. What will happen to that wood? Is it not enough that we’ve cleared out virtually all of the old growth timber in the Northwest, and now we’re going to let it all get ground into garden mulch?

The demolition of the former Jarra's Restaurant on SE Hawthorne.

The demolition of the former Jarra’s Restaurant on SE Hawthorne.

It seems almost daily that there is word of more proposed demolitions. While it is understood that some houses may simply be past the point of any sort of rehab, there is too much subjectivity as to where that line is crossed. In far too many instances, builders are blaming the house for the demolition, disregarding the fact that their ability to purchase what you might call “fragile” homes with cash, often means that those potential homeowners, who would lovingly restore an old house if they had the chance, are being beaten to the punch.

Here is a list of some additional homes that we’ve been told are in danger of being demolished (some demolitions may have already begun):

1525 SE 35th Place

4307 NE 7th

623 & 633 NE Thompson

5129 SE Ellis

7405 N Olin

8125 & 8137 SE Ash

Will it ever stop?