Expansion plans at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in NW Portland could lead to the demolition of  four vintage homes, according to the latest issue of the Northwest Examiner. Included in the mix is the Green Gables Guest House, built in 1904 as well as the homes at 2169 NW Northrup, and 2140 and 2148 NW Overton.

Green Gables Guest House - 2183 NE Northrup

All of the properties are currently owned by Good Sam, so if they do decide to demolish, there is currently little that can be done stop them.  The two properties on Northrup are listed in the aged Portland Historic Resources Inventory, but have no official historic designation – meaning there is no protection against demolition.

Of course it is possible that Good Sam might be willing to offer up the homes for someone or some organization to relocate. If that were to occur and a suitable nearby site were found, it could mean the buildings remain part of the neighborhood fabric. They could even be used to fill in “missing teeth” lots in the area or perhaps could become part of any new development connected to the Con-Way site only a few block s to the north.

Stay tuned. We’ll be keeping track of any further developments on this issue.