AHC Home Tour Showcase

For over two decades, the AHC has provided the opportunity to see inside vintage home renovations in the Portland area, providing ideas and information on how to restore spaces lost to previous remodels, create new spaces that are sensitive to the architecture of the home, or preserve original building materials. Originally focused on kitchens (Kitchen Revival Tours), the tour expanded to feature multi-room or whole house renovations. The tour shows the array of alternatives to demolition and illustrates that older homes can be adapted to a 21st-century lifestyle while retaining original style and historic character.

View this showcase of home tour images to get ideas for your own space! Click to view slideshow with the caption information, and click on the slideshow to close.

2020 Old House Revival Tour


Tickets are $30 for AHC members / $40 for the general public.

The AHC’s popular self-guided home tour will be rescheduled for summer. This year’s tour will take you inside six Portland area houses to see how older homes can be adapted to a 21st-century lifestyle and retain their original character. The tour will now take place during the summer and the date will be announced via email and on our website.

If you are considering taking on a home renovation project yourself, homeowners and contractors will be on hand to provide you with tips on everything from retaining original material to integrating modern appliances. We also know that many people just love to see inside older houses, so whether you have a house project or not, this tour is sure to be fascinating and fun!