As Portland grows and changes, the work of the Architectural Heritage Center ensures we don’t lose what connects people and place, the past and the future. Our programs—digital projects, talks, walking tours, exhibitions, and advocacy—serve the metro area and explore how architecture intersects with broad-ranging issues like art and design; housing and affordability; the environment and sustainability; and social equity.

Our mission is to inspire people to conserve the art, craft, and context of historic buildings and places to promote our cultural heritage as a vital element of livable, sustainable, communities. Through historic preservation, we seek to preserve the historic character and livability of our built environment, and to promote sustainability through the re-use of period homes and buildings.

Owned and operated by the non-profit Bosco-Milligan Foundation, we empower people in the Portland region to preserve both landmark buildings and the vintage homes and storefronts that collectively define our neighborhoods, traditional downtowns, culture, history, and quality of life.

Architectural Heritage Center programs and operations are sustained with generous support from the Oregon Arts Commission, the Oregon Community Foundation, the Oregon Cultural Trust, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Our education programs are supported in part by the Cathy Galbraith Educational Endowment.