You can make a lasting impact.

Photo by Brian Johnson.

Through estate planning, you can help us continue our work to support the character and livability of Portland’s built environment into the future. Called “planned gifts” because with thoughtful planning, you can create a gift that benefits both you and the Architectural Heritage Center.  

Most people think of planned gifts as including charitable organizations in wills. This is a wonderful way to make a difference. There are also other ways to make a planned gift that can benefit the Architectural Heritage Center now, while you receive tax benefits and other advantages. Contact Cindy Eldkrona to learn more about planned giving, making a bequest, or gifting your IRA rollover.

Bosco-Milligan Legacy Circle 

Portland has a unique architectural heritage that is always evolving. There will always be a need to understand our historic buildings and neighborhoods and to sustain them in a growing and changing city. 

That is why many people have made a commitment through their personal planning to provide a continual  financial base for the Architectural Heritage Center to encourage critical learning about and civic engagement in our city’s built environment. This commitment is a way to ensure the place of our historic buildings and neighborhoods in our evolving city.   

The Bosco-Milligan Legacy Circle was created to honor people like our original benefactors, Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan, who have made a planned giving commitment for the benefit of the Architectural Heritage Center. Donors will be honored with recognition at our historic West Block Building and on the AHC website. Donors will also be invited to annual events to meet others who share your commitment to the AHC’s work. 

Here are some important considerations about planned giving. First, there are many ways to do it. The amount committed to the AHC in the future has no minimum. It is also understood that commitments made now are not binding since individual circumstances can change for many reasons. 

If you would like to become a member of the Bosco-Milligan Legacy Circle – and we hope you will – we can provide you with information about the many possible planned giving opportunities that might be available to you. There are tools that can provide you with tax benefits as well as help to ensure a viable future for the Architectural Heritage Center and for our city.

Ben Milligan 
Jerry Bosco 
Catherine Galbraith 
Art DeMuro 
Joanne and Norm Carlson  
Holly Chamberlain
Allen and Martha Denison
Fred Leeson and Barbara Coleman 
Harris and Judith Matarazzo 
Rick Michaelson 
Judith Rees 
Allen Tooke