September 16 – December 24

This fall, the Architectural Heritage Center is giving back space to the indigenous artists and entrepreneurs who comprise Portland Indigenous Marketplace. A showcase of indigenous artwork will be on view in our main gallery throughout the fall.

Portland Indigenous Marketplace is a nonprofit that supports indigenous artists and entrepreneurs by providing barrier-free, culturally respectful spaces that encourage cultural resilience and economic sustainability by promoting public education through cultural arts. This exhibit features artists a.c .ramirez de arellano, Astrid Beatriz Furstner, and Adrian Larvie along with select goods from Indigenous Come Up. The artwork is available to purchase.  

This event presents an opportunity to better understand this place through the lens of the indigenous residents of our city. Our region’s indigenous community now includes descendants of over 380 Tribes both local and distant. Efforts like this marketplace give us glimpses into the varied art, crafts, foods, and traditions that once thrived in our region and beyond—and the ability to support their re-emergence.

Learn more about all Portland Indigenous Marketplace vendors here. The marketplace is holding only virtual events through the end of the year.

Find out more

Artist Astrid Furstner talks about her work and the wood carvings on view in our galleries in this short feature by McClarty Films.

You can also watch the Portland Indigenous Marketplace Facebook Live cast in celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

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