AHC members are encouraged to share their voice and their feet in regard to an important bill coming up for consideration in the state Senate Finance Committee – the Revitalize Main Street Act (SB 565). This bill would create an Historic Rehabilitation Fund for repair and renovation of commercial buildings all around the state, and in turn stimulate economic development and cultural sustainability.

Introduced by Restore Oregon, the bill would provide a 25% rebate for work on historic buildings which is certified to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The fund will be capped at $12,000,000 per year. The Senate Finance Committee is likely to make a decision on March 4 at an 8:30 am meeting in the State Capitol Hearing Room A, 900 Court St NE, Salem, 97301.

The immediate goal is to get the bill passed out of the Senate Finance Committee so that it can proceed to the next legislative steps. Please support Restore Oregon’s efforts by sending emails to your state legislators asking them to contact their Finance Committee colleagues and ask them to vote yes on this important measure, and attend the hearing and voice your support.

Buildings + history make the start of a wonderful equation equaling the saving of the past for the present and future. However, an additional factor is needed to make the preservation equation possible — dollars and cents. This bill is a very important part of preserving and maintaining the tangible brick and wood and mortar and stone that allow us to actually touch the past. Please voice your support and continue to follow the process of the bill.

You can find more information here: http://restoreoregon.org/time-to-testify-sb565/