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Our work relies on the skills and support of volunteers. The AHC has both ongoing volunteer opportunities and special projects, so check this page regularly for news and updates and subscribe to our e-news to receive volunteer opportunity alerts. If you would like to learn more about becoming an AHC volunteer, or if you have questions about your volunteer work, please contact Dave Johnson, AHC volunteer coordinator.

Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI)

At the core of our 2020-2022 strategic plan is a diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) goal that will inform all aspects of operations, governance, programs, and outreach. A major step toward fulfilling this promise is our establishment of a DEAI committee for the Architectural Heritage Center. The AHC board ratified this ad hoc working committee in September 2020, and the committee is beginning its work in spring/summer 2021. The DEAI committee is tasked with giving substance to the AHC’s commitment to integrating and elevating principles of equity and inclusion throughout our organization.  

This committee will operate for approximately one year and then it will be evaluated to determine how it will function in the future. The committee’s initial membership will consist of representatives from our staff, board of directors, volunteers, and the larger community.  

The DEAI committee will:  

Work collaboratively with the board, staff, and key stakeholders toward a shared organizational understanding of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion; 

  • Assess our internal and external DEAI work to date; 
  • Work collaboratively with a DEAI Consultant to create a DEAI framework that will help us build and reinforce commitment to DEAI;   
  • Make recommendations on the organization’s DEAI overall goals, statement, policies, and implementation; 
  • Advise and make recommendations about key issues related to the implementation of a DEAI Action Plan;  
  • Work with staff to prepare and provide an annual update of the DEAI Action Plan implementation to the board;  
  • Be accountable to the entire organization. Meeting notes will be published and regular updates will be provided at regular board meetings. 

The recommended elements for a DEAI implementation plan for the AHC include:  

  • Hosting regular, monthly meetings to share information, exchange ideas, and develop best practices; 
  • Continuing to engage the organization to allow feedback, new ideas, and priorities to surface; 
  • Responding to DEAI incidents and providing support for those who are directly or indirectly feeling their impact is important. Offer guidance to the AHC’s Executive Committee on ways to be responsive and to maintain communications at the board level; 
  • Provide professional development on DEAI topics throughout the organization for staff, board, volunteers, and others.

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AHC Program Committees


The Advocacy Committee supports a unique sense of place in Portland while recognizing the diversity of the city’s built fabric and cultural heritage. The Advocacy Committee takes public positions on vital matters in preservation that support the past, present, and future of Portland and its communities. Committee members attend monthly meetings, research current issues in preservation, raise community awareness of issues, assist with outreach to local leaders, deliver written or oral testimony on policies, and serve as AHC representatives on issue-based external committees convened by local, county, and state bodies. You do not have to be an expert in preservation or advocacy to participate in this volunteer committee; a passion for Portland and a willingness to learn is most important.

To learn more about current issues, visit our blog.

The Collections Committee reviews and makes collections management policy and deaccession recommendations in collaboration with staff. Collections Committee members and other volunteers also assist with artifact, library, and archival inventory; cataloging; storage; and other hands-on collection related projects. Committee members and other volunteers working in collections should have a background in museum or library work and/or an interest in architecture, art history, historic preservation, material culture, and related fields. We also welcome volunteers with specialized skills such as artifact photography, digitization, or with a working knowledge of specific artifact types (e.g., light fixtures, wallpaper, wooden or metal architectural ornament, architectural drawings).

Visit our collections page for information about our artifact and archive collections.

The Education Committee assists program staff with an extensive roster of public programs and tours focused on Portland area architecture, history, and culture. Committee members may develop and deliver presentations or tours, recommend presenters, help with day of event activities, or assist staff and/or consultants with exhibition content development. In addition, Committee members are encouraged to learn and deliver recurring presentations that are part of the AHC’s core educational curriculum (e.g., Portland 101) and/or to serve as docents for exhibits, walking tours, or the historic West’s Block building, where the Architectural Heritage Center is located. Public speaking experience and knowledge of local history, architecture, and/or historic preservation is desirable.

Visit our public programs and exhibitions pages to see what’s happening now.

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