As we reported here at Portland Preservation back in August, the owners of most of the block adjacent to The Woods music venue at 6637  SE Milwaukie Avenue, have plans for a major redevelopment that includes 21 lots and the demolition of  the existing homes at 1606 SE Claybourne and 1605 SE Glenwood.

You can download the Bureau of Development Services’ staff report on the proposed project here:

While the initial redevelopment proposal outlined in the staff report did not meet BDS approval, according to it appears that in October the project was given the go-ahead.

Now comes word that The Woods may be closing in January, unable to afford a proposed rent increase. As it just so happens, the owners of The Woods property are the same as those proposing to redevelop the adjacent block, Claybourne Commons, LLC. While it seems that the future of The Woods building may be in question, back in August, their redevelopment proposal noted that The Woods building would be saved and only houses would be demolished. This may be good news. While it is too bad to lose the houses that are perfectly habitable, it would be a huge loss for the Moreland area to lose The Woods building, a former funeral home built in 1928. While the building is a neighborhood landmark, it is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places and therefore has little protection against demolition if such action is ever proposed. Let’s all hope they don’t change their minds and decide to demolish The Woods building too.